Breakfast In The Sky With Balloon Flights

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  • Starting Time 4:30 am Ending Time 8:00 am
  • Instant Tour Confirmation will be Provided.
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Breakfast In The Sky With Balloon Flights Price & Offers

We have multiple transfer options for this tour so please select any of the transfer option from the list
- No transfers will be provided
- During your tour You'll be sharing the vehicle with some more people
- During your tour You'll be provided private vehicle and you wont be sharing this vehicle with anyone.- Private Tours on Hourly Basis
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Breakfast In The Sky With Balloon Flights Overview

Breakfast In The Sky With Balloon Flights
Embark on an enchanting journey that transcends the ordinary - a private hot air balloon experience crafted exclusively for you and a cherished companion. As the sun begins its ascent over the horizon, you'll find yourselves floating effortlessly in the tranquil embrace of a beautifully adorned hot air balloon, suspended amidst the vast canvas of the sky.

This bespoke adventure promises an intimate escape, perfect for couples seeking a moment of serenity and connection. Your hot air balloon, a private haven aloft, is adorned with elegant furnishings, plush seating, and opulent touches that create an atmosphere of sheer indulgence.

As you ascend higher, the world below unfolds like a masterpiece. Gently glide over rolling landscapes, picturesque valleys, and tranquil waterways, each moment painted with the soft hues of dawn's first light. Your experienced and skilled pilot ensures a smooth and captivating journey, narrating tales of the landscape beneath you and sharing insights into the art of ballooning.
 Imagine savoring a gourmet breakfast, delicately prepared and presented with the utmost attention to detail, all while suspended in the sky. Your taste buds will dance to the symphony of flavors, and your senses will be heightened by the crisp morning air and the breathtaking views.

Breakfast In The Sky With Balloon Flights Inclusions

  • One-hour hot air balloon ride 
  • Breakfast in the sky for 4 guests 
  • Butler service 
  • Private transfer 
  • Flight certificate signed by the pilot
Breakfast In The Sky With Balloon Flights 
  • To redeem your voucher, please ensure you have your voucher copy handy with you and be ready for your pick up on time
  • Approach a representative and display your voucher to them for verification.
  • Once verified, sit back and relax as you embark on a memorable trip.
Breakfast In The Sky With Balloon Flights 
  • Please note the activity is for max 4 pax only
  • The waiver form needs to be filled out 24 hours before the flight. Please fill out the Wavier Form and submit the form online. 
  • Please carry a valid ID (Passport/Driving License/Any Govt. ID) proof along with you. (Without any valid ID passengers are not allowed to fly)
  • Transfers are available from Dubai Marina Mall, Burjuman Mall, Deira City Centre & Dubai Outlet Mall.
  • All participants must be reasonably fit and healthy and must weigh less than 120 kg.
  • Pregnant woman will not be allowed to fly, Children less than 5 years of age & Anyone more than 80 years of age will not be permitted to fly
  • Any person who has a Serious Heart problem or any injury in last 6 months, and suffering from height phobia is not recommended for this activity.
  • Disabilities covering mental health and emotional / Physical disabilities are not allowed
  • Private transportation from remote areas will be charged extra and the same will be informed by operations team in advance.
  • Due to the strict Rules and Regulations of the UAE's Government regarding drones, we do not allow drones to fly during flight. For further details please
  • Tour Date/Time will be subject to availability.

Breakfast In The Sky With Balloon Flights Location

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Breakfast In The Sky With Balloon Flights Reviews

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Review ImageGwen CSeptember 2023
Captivating view of Dubai desert

Gliding over the picturesque Dubai desert and taking in the captivating view of the surroundings was enjoyable. Booking this morning hot air balloon flight was the best decision.

Review ImageAndrea LexusSeptember 2023
Million-dollar sunrise views

I had an unforgettable time on this tour! It served me delicious breakfast and the million-dollar sunrise views. Soaring high over the stunning desert and admiring its beauty through an eagle’s eye was simply wonderful. The freshly brewed Arabian coffee and delicious cookies and fruits made the tour fabulous.

Review ImageBrian KSeptember 2023
Enjoyed panoramic views of Arabian Desert

It was one of the best opportunities to soak in the panoramic views of the Arabian Desert. The sunrise view above the desert was magical. We were satisfied with getting up early in the morning since it paid well.

Review ImageBruce LAugust 2023
Lifetime of flying experience

It was a lifetime experience flying over the desert early in the morning and enjoying the sunrise views. We saw Arabian oryx, and camels strolling freely in their natural habitat.

Review ImageSheri SAugust 2023
Best hot air balloon ride

Receiving a warm welcome at the launch site, sipping on delicious Arabian coffee, and savoring tasty cookies was refreshing. Boarding the hot air balloon and taking in the captivating view of golden sand dunes was interesting.

No Reviews Available